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The name cinnamon comes, via Greek and ancient Hebrew, from the Indonesian words which mean "sweet wood". If you follow the trade route on the map, it all makes sense.


Cinnamon is grown across Asia. Fine cinnamon is actually the peeled inner bark of the cinnamon plant, which is part of the Laurel family. The most highly prized is Ceylon cinnamon, which is grown as a tall bush in Sri Lanka.

 The cinnamon is nurtured according to age-old natural farming methods, free of any pesticides, and is harvested skillfully by hand. The thin inner bark is peeled off the cinnamon branch or trunk after the rainy season when it is soft. The bark then curls as it dries.

“People never learn anything by being told,

they have to find out for themselves.”

-Paulo Coelho



Catered to large groups, the Cinnamon Experience isn't just informative; it is also a hands-on experience, encouraging participants to get their hands a little dirty and strip down some Cinnamon sticks for themselves.

The experience is followed by a buffet lunch or chose to indulge in a 4-course meal.


Ideal For: Large Groups.

Group Size: 30 to 50 Persons

Time: 11.00am to 3.00pm



Take a closer look at the cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon has a subtle, warm, citrusy aroma and a delicately sweet flavour


Experience the chain of events from the growing of the trees, harvesting, piling and finally processing of the cinnamon in the aroma filled factory. Understand the history behind this precious spice and where it is headed in the realm of Sri Lanka’s export priorities.




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